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Metique is excellent, we could not believe how our customers automatically bought the After Wax Lotion after having treatment, the whole product range is so functional - a winning formula in all ways.

Lynne Tarrant-Hope
Face Values - Cheshire.

Company Background

Novasel LogoThe Tea Tree Oil used by METIQUE® is produced in Australia by Novasel Pty Ltd and manufactured in Denmark by Novasel EU following strictly regulated practices.

Steen JorsalDanish-born Steen Jorsal first came across Tea Tree Oil when he visited Australia in the 1980’s to work on a farm. He noticed that other farm workers avoided the endlessly annoying insect bites by applying tea tree oil, which quickly eased their discomfort.

Back home in Denmark no-one had heard of this amazing oil. Jorsal, after comprehensive research, launched Australian Bodycare Continental, with sister Kirsten, to introduce Tea Tree Oil products to Denmark, UK and beyond.

In 2001, Steen Jorsal sold his shares in Australian Bodycare. He knew that Tea Tree Oil still had enormous potential and he wanted to be closer to the plantations and for fill his passion for the ongoing research.

Working alongside leading field experts and research teams in Australia, Jorsal has established a new company (Novasel Pty Ltd) which places a huge emphasis on research and clinical trials and is constantly looking for areas where Tea Tree Oil and its applications can prove useful.  Founded on ecological principles, Novasel Pty Ltd, developer of the METIQUE® range uses top quality essential oil supplied by Australian Plantations.

Tea Tree Oil Products Ltd LogoTea Tree Oil Products Ltd is delighted to introduce METIQUE® to the UK & Eire market in2008.

Tea Tree Oil Products Ltd is the only supplier of METIQUE® in the UK & Eire.


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