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The Tea Tree Oil
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Metique and Our Tea Tree

METIQUE® was produced and launched in Australia in 2001 by Steen Jorsal of Novasel Australia Pty Limited the brand owner of METIQUE®. In 1990 Steen developed his first Australian Tea Tree Oil range and with a greater knowledge and understanding of this remarkable essential Oil he developed METIQUE®. Steen’s passion for Research and Development in Tea Tree Oil enabled him to create these Natural products that are paraben free and scientifically formulated with Natural Vitamin E, for your Hygiene and Wellbeing.

METIQUE® products have been proven effective in laboratory and Clinical testing, as well as in professional Beauty Therapist trials - achieving remarkable results in skin care. Please refer to our ‘Useful Information’ section for more details on clinical trials in particular against MRSA using the 5% Skin Wash. METIQUE® only uses Tea Tree Oil from plantations that comply with organic farming techniques and Pharmaceutical quality standards.  When freshly distilled, properly stored and well formulated, Tea Tree Oil products have an amazing ability to relieve and soothe most symptoms related to skin irritations and infections. All of our products are formulated with Natural vitamin E, the well known anti oxidant, which helps to ensure that the Tea Tree Oil stays active, promoting optimal skin hygiene.

With the growing concerns of hygiene within NHS Hospitals, METIQUE® Skin Washes, in particular the Hygienic Skin Wash (5% Sulphate free) has been used successfully in a RIRDC (Rural Industries Research & Development Corporation) clinical trial in Australia and the findings were a reduction of 50% in Patients infection rates using the 5% Skin wash. The authors believe the percentage of TTO was a major part of the overall success. Most medical experts will tell you that you cannot use the same antiseptic every day. This is because all known antiseptics harm the skin’s own micro-organisms which are so important for healthy skin (2). However, in order to successfully prevent and treat many skin problems, you need to use an antiseptic regularly, and with METIQUE® you can.

Tea Tree Oil (Melaleuca alternifolia) is the only known natural antiseptic that has the ability to control pathogenic micro-organisms without harming the commensal (normal) skin micro-organisms (1). This is one of the reasons why well formulated Tea Tree Oil products can be used to prevent and treat so many skin disorders. We know today that most skin problems can be related to an uncontrolled growth of micro-organisms on the skin. METIQUE® can actually control micro-organisms, thus ensuring vital and healthy skin.

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