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Product Features

  • All consumer products available
  • All skincare range Paraben Free
  • Formulated products contain Vitamin E
Tea Tree Oil Creme Wax

The Complete METIQUE® Range

The specialist range of Tea Tree Oil products (Melaleuca alternifolia) has the emphasis on Health and Hygiene aimed at Beauty and Healthcare Professionals as well as Consumers.

Established and proven range of Australian Tea Tree Oil products now available in the UK.

All METIQUE® formulated skin care products are Paraben, perfume and mineral oil free and have natural vitamin E added.

The following METIQUE® products are available for purchase in retail sizes, enabling you to maximise the income for your salon.

Product Range - Retail sizes:

  • 10 & 25ml100% Pure Tea Tree Oil
  • 25ml10% Blended Tea Tree Oil
  • 250mlAntiseptic Skin Wash 2%
  • 250mlHygienic Skin Wash 5%
  • 100 & 250 mlHygienic Cleanser 3%
  • 250mlHand & Body Lotion 1%
  • 250mlAfter Wax Lotion 5%
  • 250mlTea Tree Oil Shampoo 1%
  • 250mlTea Tree Oil Conditioner 1.5%

Download a list of Metique Tea Tree Oil Salon Products [929 kb word doc]

Download a list of Metique Tea Tree Oil Retail Products [929 kb word doc]

Please browse our retail products in the Online Retail Shop section of this website and if you have any questions please callus on: 01825 890236 or email us.

Download our Salon Metique Distributor List [33kb word doc]

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