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Metique is excellent, we could not believe how our customers automatically bought the After Wax Lotion after having treatment, the whole product range is so functional - a winning formula in all ways.

Lynne Tarrant-Hope
Face Values - Cheshire.

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History of Tea Tree Oil, Company Profile and our Business Partners.

History of Tea Tree Oil

The antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties of the Tea Tree Oil Melaleuca alternifolia are legendary and have long been used in complimentary medicine in Australia. Unique to the country and native to northern New South Wales, the local Aborigine tribes were the first to discover this special tree and used the evergreen leaves to great effect.

Officially identified by the Chief Chemist in New South Wales as an antiseptic in the 1920’s, the immigrants that came to the country soon discovered that this unique essential oil was more effective against bites, stings and infections than anything else they had in their medicine box. In fact, during World War II the Australian army commandeered all supplies of Tea Tree Oil to equip each soldier with a small bottle of ‘the magic oil’.

Essentially still a ‘cottage industry’, it wasn’t until the 1980’s that New South Wales pioneered research into the cultivation of the Melaleuca alternifolia. This researchled to the first commercial plantation of trees in 1986, and now, together with many other large scale plantations, this area is able to cater for worldwide demand for the oil.

Metique uses Tea Tree Oil produced by Novasel Australia Pty Ltd – the only Australian company whose ongoing research is supported by the Australian Federal Research Organisation.

Safety and Efficacy

Tea Tree Oil is now one of the most studied essential oils in the world. Following calls for reports on its regulation, safety and efficacy the Australian Tea Tree Oil Industry Association and RIDC (Rural Industries Research & Development Corporation) worked closely together to Research and Develop the first comprehensive analysis dossier for Australian Tea Tree Oil completed in 2007. In summary they conclude:

  • Australian Tea Tree Oil is a safe and effective product.
  • Multiple studies have demonstrated the capacity for Tea Tree Oil to act as an antiseptic, antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal and anti-inflammatory agent.

The brochure ‘The effectiveness and safety of Australian Tea Tree Oil’ can be downloaded at

METIQUE®- The History

The Tea Tree Oil used by METIQUE® is produced in Australia by Novasel Pty Ltd and manufactured in Denmark by Novasel EU following strictly regulated practices.

Danish-born Steen Jorsal first came across Tea Tree Oil when he visited Australia in the 1980’s to work on a farm. He noticed that other farm workers avoided the endlessly annoying insect bites by applying tea tree oil, which quickly eased their discomfort.

Back home in Denmark no-one had heard of this amazing oil. Jorsal, after comprehensive research, launched Australian Bodycare Continental, with sister Kirsten, to introduce Tea Tree Oil products to Denmark, UK and beyond.

In 2001, Steen Jorsal sold his shares in Australian Bodycare. He knew that Tea Tree Oil still had enormous potential and he wanted to be closer to the plantations and for fill his passion for the ongoing research.

Working alongside leading field experts and research teams in Australia, Jorsal has established a new company (Novasel Pty Ltd) which places a huge emphasis on research and clinical trials and is constantly looking for areas where Tea Tree Oil and its applications can prove useful.  Founded on ecological principles, Novasel Pty Ltd, developer of the METIQUE® range uses top quality essential oil supplied by Australian Plantations.

Tea Tree Oil Products Ltd (TTOP) is delighted to introduce METIQUE® to the UK & Eire market in 2008. TTOP Ltd the only supplier of METIQUE® in the UK & Eire.

Tea Tree Oil Products Ltd (TTOP)

In 2007 Jeremy Bacon, (ex partner and UK face of Australian Bodycare in the UK) contacted a very enthusiastic Steen Jorsal who was looking for someone to Launch METIQUE® into the UK Market. Jeremy was so impressed with METIQUE’s range of products and Novasel Pty credentials the rest they say is History.

The METIQUE® range of Tea Tree Oil products has the emphasis on Health and Hygiene, aimed at Beauty and Healthcare Professionals as well as individual consumers. All of the METIQUE® range are paraben free and have vitamin E added to the formulation to prevent any risk of oxidisation and to ensure the products maintain the maximum benefits of Tea Tree Oil.

Convinced by the high quality of the product Jeremy, already a keen advocate of Tea Tree Oil, was determined to set up TTOP Ltd to market, distribute and sell METIQUE® in the UK & Eire. Together with wife Jenny and Business Partners Rosalind Chapman and Tony Cowmeadow, and in conjunction with sister and brother team Kirsten and Steen Jorsal, Tea Tree Oil Products Limited was launched in 2008.

Jeremy Bacon – Director

With over 15 years experience working in the beauty business Jeremy, formerly a Partner in Australian Bodycare, is the ideal person to introduce METIQUE® into the UK. He has known and worked closely with Steen and Kirsten Jorsal for many years and their mutual respect and passion for Tea Tree Oil makes them ideal business partners. Extremely professional and strongly committed to the highest quality products, Jeremy firmly believes that Tea Tree Oil still has huge, as yet untapped, potential when it comes to personal health, hygiene and well-being.

Jenny Bacon – Director

Previously in Commercial Banking, Jenny keeps a close eye on the company accounts. From a farming background, Jenny has always been interested in wildlife and conservation and, with her strongly-held ecological principles, she has been the guiding force in ensuring that all METIQUE’s packaging is kept to minimum and all bottles are fully recyclable.

As chairman of the local Horticultural Society, Jenny enjoys gardening without using chemicals, and loves the fact that Tea Tree Oil is a natural product that cannot be replicated. 

Rosalind Chapman – Business Partner

From her early days borrowing her mothers make up bag and transforming herself into a ‘princess’, Rosalind’s career in beauty therapy has blossomed. Previously National Perfumery Procurement Manager for the House of Fraser Group, and having consecutively won the National Sales Achievement Award for her role as North West distributor  for Australian Bodycare, her role for 14 years.  Rosalind set up her own company promoting Beauty without Surgery; Transformulas International Ltd.  Her excellent career record and strong belief in the benefits of Tea Tree Oil has reunited her with Jeremy and helped to create TTOP.

Lloyd Naaké – Business Partner

Having studied Commerce at The University of Birmingham, Lloyd’s background lies in Marketing for the Beauty Industry.  With 5 years experience as Marketing Manager for St.Tropez he re-launched Caplin Naaké Associates - the business that was originally started by his mother Judy who distributed Australian Bodycare in the Midlands with huge success for over 7 years. Caplin Naaké Associates specialises in products for Beauty Salons. Having been reunited again with Jeremy, Lloyd is now responsible for distribution of Metique within the Midlands.

Tony Cowmeadow – Business Partner

Tony Cowmeadow’s company Poth Hille has been refining, manufacturing and supplying natural and synthetic waxes for over 100 years. More recently they have produced high performance depilatory waxes for the beauty industry and Poth Hille was the first company in the UK to produce The Original Tea Tree Oil Wax some 14 years ago. Tony’s experience in the beauty and waxing business is a welcome addition to the TTOP team.


History of Tea Tree Oil and Company Profile Press Release (67 kb Word Doc Format)

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